[Experimental] NVMe Option ROM

Yes i guess there is no such protocol which can transfer the bandwith of the pcie slot currently capable of delivering pcie 2.0 x8 (from the motherboard to adapter) which can fully convert to pcie 3.0 4x (between the adapter and the nvme drive).
This of course wouldn’t matter on pcie 3.0 capable boards and Pcie 2.0 is pretty much dead. Anyway this still great for a lga 775 board.

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I succeed adding NVME module in my motherboard, VEN = VID, DEV=DID 。

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Thank you! That was it!

I did not understand what this „Link present“ option was supposed to do. But now I succeeded to mod my ancient Asus P7P55D motherboard to boot from a Samsung 980pro NVME.

There is only one issue: After every reboot the drive seems to be missing in bios. So therefore I have to cold boot every time I have to restart…

Link present means now it is 126F:2263 NvME SSD. After every reboot the drive seems to be missing in bios this issue I met before. I confused some time but after a while I never met again. Check the card is fastened or cleaned. Especially be alert CPU temperature