AHCI & RAID Option ROM Modules

@ experienced and courageous users, who are searching for a suitable AHCI/RAID ROM module for their mainboard BIOS:

Preliminary notes
This thread is designed for users, who want to update the AHCI/RAID ROM module of their mainboard BIOS according to any of my guides, which can be found within >this< part of the Forum.
To make the search for the latest resp. best suitable ROM module easier for you and to spare you the work to extract the module from another BIOS file, I am offering here the newest and most interesting AHCI/RAID ROM versions from different chipset manufacturers as already extracted module files.

Although I have done my very best to offer proper and usable AHCI/RAID ROM modules, I cannot guarantee their successful insertion into the BIOS and their compatibilty with the individual hardware configuration. The use of the offered ROM modules will be done at your own risk. _ [/color]**

To get and maintain the collection of the offered AHCI/RAID modules as comprehensive and actual as possible I need your assistance.
If I should have forgotten an important AHCI/RAID ROM version or if you should have access to a newer version, please let me know it and give me the link to the file.

Option ROMs for
SATA AHCI and RAID Controllers

(this post hasn’t been updated anymore since 05/28/2022)

I. Intel AHCI/RAID ROM modules

Intel AHCI ROM modules

  • Remarks:

    • According to my knowledge only Award/Phoenix BIOSes (and maybe some non-UEFI AMI BIOSes) of older mainboards do contain a discrete Intel AHCI ROM module, whereas the AMI UEFI BIOSes of the newer mainboards (with an Intel Chipset from 6-Series up) just contain an Intel RAID ROM, but no Intel AHCI ROM module.
    • The function and the compatibility of the “Intel(R) SATA AHCI Controller” obviously is managed by a “normal” (non-OROM) BIOS module, which cannot resp. don’t need to be updated.
  • Download Links:

    Intel AHCI ROMs (only for BIOSes of older mainboards with a non-UEFI BIOS):

    • Latest officially released Intel AHCI ROM module:
      • >Intel AHCI ROM v1.20E< (>MIRROR<)
        Note: This module has been compiled by Intel in 2008 and is the latest AHCI ROM module, which has been officially released by Intel. This special module obviously has been primarily designed for Intel 5-Series/3400 SATA AHCI Controllers (DEV_3B22), but obviously works with other Intel AHCI Controllers as well.
    • Latest available Intel AHCI ROM module:
      • >Intel AHCI ROM v2.00h (new, but its benefit has not yet been proved) (>MIRROR<)
        Note: It was our Forum Guru plutomaniac, who found this AHCI ROM module dated 05/04/2015 and gave us the link (big thanks to him). This source module doesn’t contain the DeviceID of a certain Intel SATA AHCI Controller. That is why I am unsure, whether it will work as it is with all Intel AHCI Controllers up to the 5-Series Chipset ones or the matching specific DeviceID has to be added into the hex code.
        Update: Our Forum member YUQINGLIU inserted this module into BIOS of his Intel 5-Series Chipset mainboard and it seems to work (look >here<).

Intel RAID ROM modules

1. Intel RST/RST(e) RAID ROMs:

Precondition for the use:
Only systems, where the Intel SATA ports have been set to “RAID” in the BIOS, need and are able to use an Intel RAID ROM module. That means, that the Intel RAID ROM version, which actually is within the mainboard BIOS, doesn’t matter at all for users, who are running their SSD(s) or HDD(s) in “AHCI” or “IDE” mode.

Additional Remarks:

  • These RAID ROM modules belong to the “Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology” (IRST) and are designed for being used with Intel Desktop and Mobile systems, which have an on-board Intel ICH8R/M, ICH9R/M, ICH10R, 5-Series, 6-Series, 7-Series, 8-Series or 9-Series SATA Controller, which is running in “RAID” mode.
  • These are the special Vendor and Device IDs of the on-board Intel SATA RAID Controllers:
    • VendorID:
      VEN_8086 = Intel
    • DeviceID:
      DEV_2822 = “Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller” (DeviceID sometimes named by mistake DEV_282a)
  • The Intel RAID ROM module works best, if it is from the same version branch (e.g. v11.2 or v12.9) as the used Intel RST or RST(e) drivers.
    The Intel RST RAID ROM v11.2.0.1527 matches best the Intel RST RAID driver v11.2.0.1006, whereas the Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v12.9.0.2006 is the designed BIOS partner of all Intel RST(e) drivers v12.9.x.xxxx.

Download links:


  1. The use of the “modded” Intel RAID ROM modules will be at own risk. Neither the error free function of the ROM modules nor the TRIM in RAID0 support can be guaranteed.
  2. Intel RAID0 users should not install Intel’s RST(e) drivers v12.5.0.1066. These special drivers do not support the TRIM in RAID0 feature!

Recommended Intel RAID ROM versions:

  • Intel RST RAID ROM v11.2.0.1527 = best choice for Intel ICH7R/8R/9R/10R Chipset RAID systems (matching RAID driver: Intel RST v11.2.0.1006), best performant ROM for all RAID0 users
  • Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v12.9.0.2006 = good choice for Intel 5- and 6-Series Chipset RAID systems (matching RAID driver: Intel RST(e) v12.9.4.1000)
  • Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v13.1.0.2126 = good choice for Intel 7-Series Chipset RAID systems (matching RAID driver: Intel RST(e) v13.1.0.1058)
  • Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v13.2.2.2224 = good choice for Intel 8- or 9-Series Chipset RAID systems (matching RAID drivers: Intel RST(e) v13.2.x.xxxx)
  • Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v14.8.2.2397 = alternative option for Intel 8- and 9-Series Chipset RAID systems, good choice for Intel 100-Series Chipset RAID Systems (matching RAID drivers: Intel RST(e) v14.8.x.xxxx)
  • Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v15.5.1.3017 = good choice for Intel 100-/200-Series Chipset RAID Systems (matching RAID drivers: Intel RST(e) v15.5.x.xxxx)
  • Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v17.x.x.xxxx = probably best option for Intel 300-Series Chipset RAID Systems (matching RAID drivers: Intel RST v17 platform ones)

2. Intel RSTe RAID ROMs (only for Intel X79/X99/X299 Chipsets running in RSTe mode):

These RAID ROM modules belong to the “Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise Edition” (IRSTe) and should only be used for systems with an Intel X79 or X99 chipset without any SAS RAID Controller.
These are the HardwareID’s:

  • VendorID:
    VEN_8086 = Intel
  • DeviceIDs:
    DEV_2826 = “Intel(R) C600 Series Chipset SATA RAID Controller” or “Intel(R) C600+/C220+ Series Chipset SATA RAID Controller”
    DEV_2827 = "Intel(R) C600+/C220+ Series Chipset sSATA RAID Controller

The BIOS should contain an Intel RSTe RAID ROM module, if the mainboard has an Intel X79, X99 or X299 Chipset und the in-use AHCI/RAID drivers are Intel RSTe ones.

Download links:

3. Intel MSM RAID ROMs (outdated series):

These RAID ROM modules are outdated, because they belong to the discontinued “Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager” (IMSM) series. Nevertheless some old Intel chipset systems may need an Intel MSM RAID ROM module, because the related SATA AHCI/RAID Controller is not supported by any of the more actual RST RAID ROM modules. Even for such old systems an update of the MSM RAID ROM module can be reasonable and may give them a better performance and/or stability.

Download links:

Within the next post are AHCI/RAID ROM modules from other Vendors


II. AHCI/RAID ROM modules from other Vendors:


General remarks:
Contrary to other chipset manufacturers AMD is offering separate and absolutely self-contained PCI ROM modules for AHCI and RAID systems. This has the consequence, that users with an AMD chipset system will only have to update one of the related PCI ROM types (AHCI or RAID) and not both of them, if they want to get the best possible performance for their system. This is a big relief for AMD users, who have set the SATA Controller to “AHCI” mode, because the update of the AMD RAID ROM modules with their associated MISC.BIN files is much more complicated than the replacement of the AMD AHCI ROM module.

a) AMD AHCI ROM modules:

Download links:

b) AMD RAID ROM modules:

Depending on the Southbridge and the RAID features of the AMD chipset mainboard you can find within its BIOS 2 different AMD RAID ROM modules:

  1. AMD RAID ROM for the DeviceID 4392 with a size of 58 KB (for older AMD RAID Controller without RAID5 support) and
  2. AMD RAID ROM for the DeviceID 4393 with a size of 64 KB (for newer AMD RAID Controllers with RAID5 support)

For unknown reasons some AMD chipset mainboard BIOSes contain both AMD ROM modules (for DEV_4392 and for DEV_4393), although only one of them will be used.
For a proper function both AMD RAID ROM modules (for DEV_4392 and DEV_4393) need a separate BIOS module named MISC.BIN. So if you want to update one of the AMD RAID modules, you have to update the related MISC.BIN too. The MISC.BIN modules are not easy to find, because they are just normal modules and no PCI ROM ones shown with a Vendor and Device ID. In an UEFI AMI BIOS you will find them in the module with the GUID Code starting with “9BD5C81D” and ending either with the letters “FC” (for DEV_4392/7802 Controllers) or “FD” (for DEV_4393/7803 Controllers). Within a non-UEFI AMI BIOS you will find the MISC.BIN file within any of the “User Designed or Reserved” modules. Users with an Award/Phoenix BIOS should search within the “HOLE2” section for a file named UI750.BIN. If you are unsure regarding the correct file, extract the modules uncompressed, open them with a Hex Editor and search for the text string “MISC.SIG”. All misc.bin files have that text code fragment.

  • Before you are going to insert a new AMD RAID ROM and MISC.BIN module into the BIOS of your mainboard, I recommend to extract the AMD RAID ROM, which is within the originl BIOS, to open the module with a hex editor and to check the DeviceID (4392 or 4393). As you can read >here<, an AMD RAID Controller with the DeviceID 4393 may require an AMD RAID ROM and MISC.BIN, which have been designed for DEV_4392 AMD RAID Controllers. The DeviceID of the on board AMD RAID Controller can be checked by opening the “Storage Controllers” section of the Device Manager (right click onto the Controller > “Properties” > “Details” > “Property” > “HardwareIDs”).
  • The MISC.BIN file, which is needed for an UEFI BIOS, is a little bit bigger than the MISC.BIN file, which is designed for a non-UEFI BIOS. Reason: The UEFI BIOS requires some additional hex code data as “Header”.
  • To make it as easy as possible for you, I am offering here MISC.BIN files for non-UEFI BIOSes and UEFI BIOSes.

Download links:

  1. For older AMD RAID Controllers:

  2. For newer AMD RAID Controllers: (thanks to kgbab for the source files)

  3. For the latest AMD RAID Controllers: (thanks to kgbab for the source files)

Note: Since the success of an update with these AMD RAID ROM and MISC.BIN modules can not be guaranteed, any feedback from users is much appreciated.

B. ASMedia AHCI ROM modules

ASMedia 106x (SATA3) AHCI ROM modules:

Download links:

All listed ROM modules are suitable for the ASMedia 106x AHCI Controllers DEV_0611 and DEV_0612. Credits go to SoniX for the v0.954 module and to lordkag for the v0.97 module.


  1. It is possible to successfully insert the ASMedia AHCI ROM module even into a BIOS, where no such ROM module is present. I have done it with my ASUS Z77-V and it worked! Since I have flashed the BIOS containing the added ASM 106x AHCI ROM v0.954 I get a popup verification while booting, that the ASM 106x AHCI Controller has been successfully initialized.
  2. Until now I couldn’t find any separate ASMedia 106x Firmware Pack.

C. JMicron RAID ROM modules

Unfortunately JMicron hasn’t published any new SATA/RAID ROM modules for their JMB36x SATA Controllers since several years (look >here<). Nevertheless I offer here the latest unofficial JMicron SATA RAID modules.

JMicron JMB36x RAID ROM modules:

Download links:

Note: Both offered JMicron RAID ROM modules have been designed for the JMB36x SATA Controller DEV_2363, but may be usable with other JMicron SATA Controllers from DEV_2360 up to DEV_2369 as well (after having customized the DeviceID entry by using a Hex Editor). For further informations please look >here<.

D. Marvell AHCI/RAID ROM modules

a) Marvell 61xx (SATA2) RAID ROM modules:

Although the Marvell 61xx RAID Controllers are outdated since several years and not supported by Marvell anymore, I am offering the latest OROM modules here for interested users.

Download links:

  • >Marvell 61xx RAID ROM v1.1.0.L75 for DEV_6121< (>MIRROR<)
    Note: This Marvell 61xx RAID ROM module has an uncompressed size of 21 KB and is unmodified usable with DEV_6121 Marvell 61xx RAID Controllers. After a customization of the DeviceID hex code it will work with other Marvell 61xx RAID Controllers as well. Thanks to Station-Drivers for the source file.
  • >Marvell 61xx RAID ROM v1.2.0.36 for DEV_6145< (>MIRROR<)
    Note: This is the latest Marvell 61xx RAID ROM module, uncompressed size: 90 KB, unmodified usable with DEV_6145 Marvell 61xx RAID Controllers. After a customization of the DeviceID hex code it will work with other Marvell 61xx RAID Controllers as well. Thanks to Station-Drivers for the source file.

b) Marvell 91xx (SATA3) AHCI/RAID ROM modules:

Download links:

General remarks:
An update of the Marvell 91xx AHCI/RAID ROM module may only be useful for systems with a Marvell 91xx chip, which offers full RAID support (Marvell 91xx RAID mode option has to be available in the BIOS).
According to the hex code this actual Marvell 91xx ROM version should support the following DeviceIDs: 9023, 9028, 90A3, 90A8, 9110, 9111, 9120, 9122, 9123, 9125, 9128, 9130, 9171, 9172, 9179, 917A, 9181, 9182, 918A, 9189, 9190, 9191, 91A0 and 91A2.
Attention: Nevertheless it is necessary to open the ROM module with a hex editor and to look into the 3rd line (offset 20) for the correct Marvell AHCI Controller DeviceID of the mainboard. If the system has a DEV_9120 Controller, the hex code has to be “4B 1B 20 91”, whereas DEV_9123 needs an “4B 1B 23 91” entry. Other DeviceIDs need a similar alteration of the related hex code pairs. If the Marvell ROM update with this version should fail, the user may have to take another version, which is more specific regarding the DeviceID of the onboard Marvell 91xx SATA Controller.

Here are some special Marvell 91xx AHCI/RAID ROM modules:

Here are the latest complete Marvell 91xx AHCI/RAID ROM modules (incl. Firmware/BIOS and Bootloader):

Important remarks:

  • a) Update of all Non-UEFI and some UEFI BIOSes:
    For a correct function of the Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller there are at least 3 different modules needed within the BIOS:

    1. the Marvell 91xx AHCI/RAID ROM module
    2. the Marvell 91xx firmware and
    3. the Marvell 91xx bootloader

    Some actual AMI UEFI BIOSes have within the CSMCORE file an AIO Marvell 91xx AHCI/RAID ROM module, which contains all 3 components (the uncompressed ROM size is much bigger than 100 KB), but usually the mainboard BIOSes do contain the Marvell 91xx Firmware and the Marvell 91xx Bootloader as separate modules.
    If the mainboard BIOS contains these 3 components separately, all of them have to be updated, if the user wants to replace the Marvell 91xx AHCI ROM by a newer version. Usually this should be done by executing the Marvell 91xx firmware tool, which is part of the complete Marvell 91xx Firmware Pack (the actual version can be downloaded from >here<).
    Unfortunately some mainboard BIOSes do not allow to replace the Marvell 91xx BIOS ROM module by running the firmware installer. Users with such mainboard may have to do it with the appropriate BIOS tool.

    Here are the latest 3 module files, which can be flashed into an AMI non-UEFI mainboard BIOS with the MMTool by replacing the old ones:

    1. the MV91xx Bootloader module (in non-UEFI AMI BiOSes usually to find within the GUI line ID E6, the actual version kann be downloaded from >here<, uncompressed size: 51 KB, unchanged usable with DEV_9123, credits go to ZioGTS for the file).
      Important: For a proper function the Marvell Bootloader (=E6) module must contain the correct DeviceID of the on-board Marvell AHCI Controller (as the ROM module itself). That is why the Bootloader module has to be customized before being used for an update. Open it with a hex editor and search for the hex code “4B 1B”. It should be there 2 times. Then replace the 2 hex code pairs just behind the “4B 1B” by the correct DeviceID hex codes. Examples: The correct hex code for a Marvell Controller with the DeviceID 9120 has to be “4B 1B 20 91”, whereas a DEV_9123 Controller needs “4B 1B 23 91”.
    2. the MV91xx Firmware module (in non-UEFI AMI BIOSes usually to find within the GUI line ID E7, the actual version can be downloaded from >here<, uncompressed size: 200 KB, credits go to ZioGTS for the file)
    3. the MV91xx AHCI ROM module itself (non-UEFI AMI BIOS: it is in one of ID20 lines, the download link to the actual version is above)

    b) Update of an AMI UEFI BIOS:
    Many AMI UEFI BIOSes just contain 1 single Marvell 91xx PCI ROM module. It includes everything, which is needed for a proper function of the Marvell 91xx AHCI/RAID Controller. This module is situated within the BIOS file named CSMCORE and can easily been updated with the Aptio UEFI MMTool. The download link to the actual complete module containing the Marvell 91xx AHCI/RAID ROM and the additional Marvell 91xx BIOS is above.

c) Marvell 92xx (SATA3) AHCI/RAID ROM modules:

Download links:

  • >Marvell 92xx AHCI/RAID ROM v1.0.0.1027 (DeviceID not yet determined)< (>MIRROR<)
    Note: This is the currently latest Marvell 92xx AHCI/RAID ROM version, uncompressed size: 33 KB. This module will support - after a customization of the hex code - a lot of different Marvell 92xx AHCI/RAID Controllers (for details look into the attached text file named Mrvl92xx.txt. The customization of the Option ROM module can easily be done by using the tool named SetDevID.exe and following >this< guide. The SetDevID tool is attached to this post. Thanks to SoniX for the file.

  • >Marvell 92xx AHCI/RAID ROM v1.0.0.1015 incl. Firmware v2.3.0.1050+Bootloader v21001005< (>MIRROR<)
    Note: This package contains the newest All-In-One module for Marvell 92xx AHCI/RAID Controller, uncompressed size: 316 KB. Alternatively it can be flashed by running the installer named GO.BAT. Thanks to Pacman for the package. For details look >here<.
    Compatibility: According to the hex code this actual Marvell 92xx ROM/Bootloader/Firmware Set is designed for DEV_9230, but may support the following DeviceIDs as well: 9215, 9220, 922A, 9225, 9230, 923A, 9235 and 9236.

E. NVIDIA MediaShield RAID ROM modules

RAID ROM modules for all nForce chipsets:

Download links:

Important remark:
Users with an nForce3/4 chipset system will only be able to successfully flash a BIOS containing any of these nVRAID ROM modules, if they have made sure, that the correct DeviceID of the related NVIDIA nForce SATA RAID Controller is within the hex code of the nVRAID ROM module. The details are layed down >here<.

Closing words:

  1. Any feedback is much appreciated, but please don’t bother me with personal requests via PN or eMail.
  2. Please post your problems, questions or suggestions regarding the AHCI and RAID ROM modules into this thread.
  3. As I stated above, I would be very grateful, if you would post the link to other interesting or newer AHCI/RAID ROM modules.

Good luck with the use of the linked AHCI/RAID ROM modules!

SetDevID.rar (44.2 KB)

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Hello Fernando,

A question about the pack :

>Marvell 92xx AHCI/RAID ROM v1.0.0.1012 incl. Firmware v2.3.0.1043+Bootloader v21001004<

Can it be used with a standalone PCI-E SATA-6.0 Card ?

I have a Delock 89270 card with bad flash. I will probably need a BIOS Programmer, since card is not seen ( some error with bootloader i guess)


Hello felix,
welcome at my Win-RAID Forum!

I don’t think, that it will work, because the mainboard BIOS doesn’t contain any modules for devices, which are not part of the mainboard.


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In some models of motherboards may not Opton ROM, it works only in the UEFI. I want to ask about the possibility of finding EFI modules ASMedia and Marvell most recent versions?
Thank you.

I haven’t yet seen any EFI Sata modules from other chipset manufacturers than Intel.

Hello Fernando.
I also could not find in a separate form, but they are present in the BIOS motherboards from ASUS
ASMedia1061 GUID A05F5C06-and ASM1061Pei GUID 77B35E10-
Or am I wrong and it is quite another?

New Option ROM BIOS Marvell 9230 - v

Mrvll9230.zip (20 KB)

I will check it, when I will be back from my holidays.

Thank you very much - that is a good finding. As soon as I will have access to my usual equipment, I will upload the module to the FTP server and put a link into the start post of this thread.

Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag #9

Thank you very much - that is a good finding. As soon as I will have access to my usual equipment, I will upload the module to the FTP server and put a link into the start post of this thread.

Ok. And ASMedia and Marvell modules that I uploaded earlier. If they are lost, then let me know, upload again. :slight_smile:


Zip includes legacy ROM and SataDriver, from Haswell BIOS.


EDIT: Also the dev id for this was 2822 not 2826.

@ Pacman:
Thanks for the link to the newest Intel RSTe RAID ROM module.
Although it may have been inserted into the Haswell BIOS with the DeviceID 2822, it will only be usable with DEV_2826 SATA RAID Controllers.

Will Be interesting to see if this supports trim on the x79. Not holding my breath though.

Just posted a new ROM guys: http://asder00.blogspot.com/2013/06/inte… legacy and satadriver

@ asder00:
Welcome at my Win-RAID Forum and thank you very much for the link!

@ all:
Since there are new Intel RAID ROM modules v12.7.0.1910 (for DEV_2822/282a) and v3.7.0.1049 (for DEV_2826) available at Station-Drivers, I have added the links to the start post of this thread.
As soon as I am back home, I will replace them by direct download links to the Win-Lite FTP server.

Have Fun!

Although it generally may be a good idea for Intel RAID (or AHCI) users to have the most actual Intel RAID ROM module within the mainboard BIOS, I do not recommend to do the update as long as the related Intel RST(e) drivers of the v12.7 series are not available.
If the Intel SATA RAID/AHCI Controller uses a "Firmware", which is much newer than the currently installed RAID/AHCI driver, this may cause problems, because the in-use driver may not "understand" all new features, which are provided by the RAID ROM or EFI SataDriver module of a much newer development branch.

argh - you have put me off now for updating the x79 G1 Assassin. Your word is good enough for me.
unless i risk being a guinea pig…

Hello Fernando!

Can you make pls especially modified for Z68 on this >Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v12.7.0.1910< (for DEV_2822 and DEV_282a, usable from ICH8R up, thanks to asder00 for the link) Thx!!

I will do it as soon as I am back home. Actually my only equipment is an iPad.

Ok thx! ill be waitin` :wink:

I will do it as soon as I am back home. Actually my only equipment is an iPad.

There should be an MMTool for iOS…we can ask it as a favor from developers